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Commission Members

Chairman Charles Baxley

Chairman Charles B. Baxley is a veteran attorney at Baxley, Pratt & Wells and operates out of Lugoff, South Carolina. While also having served as a magistrate judge for the City of Camden, South Carolina and Adjunct Professor of Law, Chairman Baxley is the editor and publisher of a respected online historical journal, South Campaigns of the American Revolution. Among many other awards and recognitions, Chairman Baxley is a recipient of South Carolina’s highest civilian honor, the Order of the Palmetto.

Vice Chariman Bill Davies

Mr. Davies’ background stretches across all walks of South Carolina history having served on the Board of Managers for the South Carolina Historical Society and as President of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History Foundation. Along with his numerous accomplishments otherwise, his experience as President of the Palmetto State Military History Foundation will provide invaluable historical perspectives and talents to the Commission.

Duane Parrish

Mr. Parrish, the current Director of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SC-PRT) is a highly valued member of the commission. With an extensive background in tourism and hospitality, Mr. Parrish has a fresh perspective and provides unrivaled skills and tactics that propels the Commision towards its goal of shedding light on South Carolina’s role American Revolution through tourism.

Dianne T. Culbertson

Mrs. Culbertson’s background as both a former primary school educator and Vice President General of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution make her an ideal choice to serve on the Commission. Her dedication to the historic preservation of natural resources in South Carolina will provide an important perspective to the Commission’s efforts to commemorate the American Revolution through physical history and education.

State Senator Floyd Nicholson

Mr. Nicholson’s background as a long-time educator and a current member of the Senate’s Education Committee make him an ideal choice to serve on the Commission. His dedication to education and public service in South Carolina will provide an important perspective to the Commission’s efforts to help South Carolians understand the state’s role in the Revolutionary War.

Emily Morris deQuincey-Newman

Ms. deQuincey-Newman has been dedicated to the Daughters of the American Revolution for a large portion of her life and has served in numerous high offices inside the organization. Her service therein will provide valuable skills and talents to the Commission.

State Representative Lauire Funderburke

Representative Funderburke has a decorated background having served as the Chairwomen of the General Assembly’s Women’s Caucus and currently serving on the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Funderburke  will provide important talents and unique perspectives to the Commission to help it along it’s way to highlighting South Carolina’s importance in the American Revolution.

State Representative Neal Collins

State Representative Neal Collins’s background serving on the House Education Committee and in the South Carolina government will provide worthwhile knowledge and talents to the Commission’s efforts towards shining a light on South Carolina’s rich history during the American Revolution.

Vic Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter’s background as the current County Administrator for Kershaw County, his work in local government, environmental affairs and his dedication to Environmental Services will provide valued skills and talents to the Commission in it’s strides towards bringing South Carolina to the forefront of remembering the American Revolution.

J. Brett Bennett

Mr. Bennett’s background as the Chief Operating Officer for HealthScape Data, LLC, and his intense knowledge in the areas of general management, strategic planning, operations, and economic development will provide important and necessary skills and talents to the Commission.

State Representative Stephen Moss

Representative Moss’s background as a current South Carolina House Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee and as a former Cherokee County School Board chair will provide valuable knowledge from an educational standpoint; however, his insight will also be valuable in the frame of historical preservation of South Carolina.

Dr. A. V. Huff, Jr.

Dr. Huff’s background as the former President of the South Carolina Historical Association, chair of the South Carolina Commission on Archives and History, and Dean of Furman University will provide irreplaceable skills and talents to the Commission in all facets.

Jannie Harriot

Ms. Jannie Harriot’s background in the preservation of African-American history and culture in South Carolina and her dedication to public education make her contribution to the group intrinsic to success for the Commission’s efforts to restore South Carolina and its  people’s legacy in the American Revolution.

Pam Melton Cazel

Mrs. Cazel’s extensive background in marketing and sales for major Fortune 500 companies coupled with her service to Cherokee County as the Executive Director of their History and Art Museum will provide irreplaceable skills and talents to the Commission. With strong roots in upstate, Mrs. Cazel is poised to be a necessary fixture for the Commission.

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