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Source TitleAuthorSource Type
South Carolina as a Royal Province, W. Roy Smith, PhD Primary Source - Books
All for Liberty. Ron Mangravite Film
General Nathanael Greene: An Appraisal Conrad, Dennis M.
Black Men, Red Coats: The Carolina Corps, Race, and Society in the Revolutionary British Atlantic Garty Sellick Lectures and Presentations
Battlefield Research Continues at SCIAA Smith, Steven D. Journal Article
Artillery Ammunition from the 1781 Siege of Star Fort Legg, James B. Journal Article
Archaeological Reconnaissance of Historic Gilbert Town, 31RF128, Rutherford, County, North Carolina Smith, Steven D., Legg, James B. Primary Source - Books
Archaeology of Wadboo Plantation Smith, Steven D, Wilson, Tamara S. Legg, James B. Primary Source - Books
Archaeological Evaluation of the Dunham’s Bluff Sites, 38MA207 and 38MA165 Smith, Steven D. Primary Source - Books
Ancient Weapons from the Siege of Ninety Six Legg, James B., Smith, Steven D. Journal Article
An Analysis of Lead Shot from Fort Motte, 2004-2012: Assessing Combat Behavior in Terms of Agency Stacey Renae Whitacre Lectures and Presentations
African Americans in the Revolutionary War Smith, Steven D Journal Article
A Thank You Note to the Archaeological Research Trust on Francis Marion Research Steven D. Smith Lectures and Presentations
"Obstinate and Strong": The History and Archaeology of the Siege of Fort Motte G. Patrick O'Brien Lectures and Presentations
The Search for Colonial Jacksonborough (38CN280), Colleton County, South Carolina Smith, Steven D (USC) Book Chapters
"A Posture of Defence": A Forensic Brick Analysis of Charleston's Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Walled Fortifications Jacqueline Don
Mrs. Jacob Motte (Rebecca Brewton). Theus, Jeremiah Artwork
A Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens. Babits, Lawrence Edward.
A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the Southern Provinces of North America Tarleton, Banastre. Primary Source - Books
Debating Waxhaws: Was There a Massacre? Piecuch, Jim, and Wayne Lynch. Journal Article

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