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SC250 Acknowledgement, Logos, & Citation

SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission (SC250) wants to get the word out about the 250 Anniversaries of the Revolutionary Era. Show your love for any projects supported by SC250 with a logo or citation. For more about high-res SC250 logos or Liberty Trail insignia, contact

Sites & Pull-Offs

SC250 project sponsors are required to post a sign acknowledging the grant funds used in their projects.  Signs should be posted in a prominent location (entrance to the site is preferred) and recommended specifications for the sign are as follows:  18” x 24”, wood or metal construction with inscription as found below.   You can have the sign made by a local vendor or you order them through the Department of Corrections –Sign Shop 803-896-2131.  The sign can be color or black & white, it is your preference, see attached designs. 

Remembering that by using this symbol you are representing SC250, please recognize SC250 in your:

  • Interpretive Signs & Panels
  • Publication & Research Citation
  • Event Programs, etc.
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