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Publication Grants

To ensure that research and educational materials are available in the future, SC250 will be aiding in the publication of SC American Revolution materials, both digitally and in print.

“The principle of government being radically changed by the revolution; the political character of the people has also changed from subjects to citizens.”

David Ramsey, MD

Grant Requirements:

  • Publication should feature significant American Revolution Era people, places, events, or ideas, particularly in their connection to SC.
  • These projects require the highest standards of scholarship, balance, and documentation.
  • These works must be fully referenced and clearly delineate accepted facts from the author’s interpretation and opinion. Even if not eventually published with complete scholarly referencing, the Commission’s files will retain the fully referenced papers.
  • References shall be made in accord with Chicago Manual of Style conventions.
  • All opinion pieces must be referred to as an opinion piece, clearly name the author, and include a statement that it does not necessarily reflect the views of the Commission.
  • All of the Commission’s endorsed publications will be peer-reviewed by subject matter experts.
  • None of these projects are works of any pre-determined length.
  • Applicants are encouraged to also tell their Revolutionary Era stories from non-traditional points of view, such as (but not limited to) Loyalist – Women – Children – enslaved and free African Americans – Native Americans.
  • Project Sponsor must agree to SC250 royalty-free access to the material.
  • The Project Sponsor will supply its proposed Budget and Timeline to completion.
  • The publication must cite the SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission.
  • Project Sponsor shall provide all project management.

Potential American Revolution in SC Projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Scholarly papers
  • Transcription of Primary Sources
  • Battlefield Guides
  • American Leadership Biographies
  • Digital Resources
  • Films or Shorts
  • Graphic Novels
  • Maps
  • Other Examples such as those listed in the Research Grant Materials

Who Is Eligible:

Individuals, Official County 250 Committees, Local Governments, Tribes, Museums, Historical Societies, Visitor Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Universities/Colleges, Non-Profit Organizations, SC Council of Governments, Regional Tourism Commissions, Other SC Organizations. Please note that County and Municipal Governments may designate third-party recipients (i.e. non-profit organizations) to receive grants provided that the local government applies on their behalf and the Chief Elected Official of the local government signs the application. All applicants must be located in SC or located in the continental US and researching a topic intrinsically related to the American Revolution in SC.

How To Apply:

Apply through the Discover SC Web Grant program making sure to include the following checklist:

  • Register with the Discover SC Web Grant program - Please note this program manages all SCPRT and SC250 Grants. Pro Tip: When completing registration make sure to select SC250 - SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission under Program Area of Interest.
  • Under Funding Opportunities make sure to select the correct grant - Agency: SC American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission Title: Publication Grant
  • General Information Form
  • Cover Sheet Form
  • Grant Narrative including Estimated Timeline & Anticipated Outcomes / Deliverables
  • Assurances & Certifications
  • Support Materials (*Required)
    • Contact Spreadsheet Click Here for a Sample Spreadsheet
      • Project Sponsor staff/members who would like to be added to SC250 enewsletter, etc.
      • VIPs to keep in the loop (Local Media, Elected Officials, Volunteers, Donors, etc.)
    • Fiscal Agent Documentation*
      • Fiscal Agent’s W-9
      • Fiscal Agent’s adopted budget for the current year
      • Fiscal Agent’s most recent operating financial statement
        • If the Fiscal Agent has just been established, some documentation to that fact
    • If the applicant or fiscal agent is a Non-Profit, we also need the following documentation:
      • IRS 501c3 letter or 501c6 letter
      • Secretary of State Registration letter
      • List of Board members
      • Mission of Non-profit
    • Sample of potential publication piece*
    • Any other documents that support your request. For example: Quote from publishing house or printer / REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) if not selected.
    • Applicants are encouraged to submit early and/or contact SC250 to discuss.
  • Grant Application Budget


up to $30,000 / Project Sponsor

23FY Anticipated Application Quarterly Deadlines:

 Q1: 9/16/22 at 3:00 PM, Q2: 11/9/22 at 3:00 PM, Q3: 2/9/23 at 3:00 PM, Q4: 5/9/23 at 3:00 PM All quarterly deadlines are not postmarked dates as all applications must be submitted in the Discover SC Web Grants program. All times are Eastern.

23FY Anticipated Quarterly Grant Award Dates:

Q1: 10/4/22, Q2: 12/6/22, Q3: 2/28/23, Q4: 5/23/23

Match or Cost Share Required:


Grant Distribution:

80% up front with 20% appropriated upon receipt of completed final report

Helpful Links:

How to Register for the Discover SC Web Grants Program
How to Submit Your Application in the Discover SC Web Grants Program
SC250 Webinars
Sample Contact Excel Spreadsheet - Required Support Material for Most Grants
Word Document with Paper Version of Application for Reference and Preparation Only - Please note that all applicants must be completed in the Discover SC Web Grants Program.

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